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The First Century of the History of Springfield: the Official Records from 1636-1736; with an Historical Review and Biographical Mention of the Founders, Vol. I (1898), by Henry M. Burt

The First Century of the History of Springfield: the Official Records from 1636-1736; with an Historical Review and Biographical Mention of the Founders, Vol. II (1899), by Henry M. Burt

Springfield, 1636-1886: History of Town and City: Including an Account of the Quarter-Millennial Celebration at Springfield, Mass., May 25 and 26, 1886 (1888)

The History of Springfield in Massachusetts for the Young (1911), by Charles H. Barrows

Programme, 275th Anniversary of the Founding of Springfield, Mass (1911)

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An Historical Address, Delivered on the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Settlement of Springfield, May 25, 1836 (1881), by Oliver B. Morris

An Historical Address Delivered Before the Citizens of Springfield in Massachusetts at the Public Celebration, May 26, 1911, of the Two Hundred and Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Settlement (1916), by Charles H. Barrows

Springfield Memories: Odds and Ends of Anecdote and Early Doings, Gathered from Manuscripts, Pamphlets, and Aged Residents (1876), by Mason A. Green

Sketches of the Old Inhabitants and Other Citizens of Old Springfield of the Present Century and its Historic Mansions of “Ye Olden Tyme” (1893), by Charles Wells Chapin

Guides and Picture Books

King’s Handbook of Springfield, Massachusetts (1884), edited by Moses King

Springfield, Mass.: Her Picturesque Beauty and Commercial Enterprise (1889)

View Book of Springfield, Massachusetts (1910)

Views and Facts of Springfield, Mass. The Magnet City (1910)

The City of New England is Springfield, Massachusetts (1910)

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Picturesque Springfield and West Springfield, Massachusetts (1912)

Progressive Springfield, Massachusetts (1913)

The Picturesque City, Springfield, Massachusetts (1913)

Springfield Present and Prospective (1905), edited by James E. Tower

Culture and Institutions

Historical Memoir of the Springfield Cemetery: Read to the Proprietors at their Meeting, May 28, 1857, by George Bliss, their President; Accompanied by an Address Delivered at the Consecration of the Cemetery, September 6, 1841, by Rev. Wm. B.O. Peabody (1857)

History of the “Old High School” on School Street, and the “Female Seminary” on Maple Street, Springfield, Massachusetts (1890), by Charles Wells Chapin

A Souvenir of the Art Museum of the City Library Association, Springfield, Mass. (1895)

Springfield in the Spanish American War (1899), by Walter W. Ward

The Birds of Springfield and Vicinity (1901), by Robert O. Morris

The Poets and Poetry of Springfield in Massachusetts From Early Times to the End of the Nineteenth Century (1907), by Charles H. Barrows

History of the Central Labor Union of Springfield, Mass: with Some of the Pioneers; Brief Sketches of Affiliated Unions; 1887-1912 (1912), edited and compiled by A. F. Hardwick

The Revised Ordinances of the City of Springfield (1891)

A City Plan for Springfield, Mass.: Progress Report of the Planning Board; May, 1922 (1922)


History of the First Church in Springfield: An Address Delivered June 22, 1875 (1875), by Henry Morris

Manual of the First Church of Christ and Names of all the Members: From the Year 1735 to Nov. 1, 1885 (1885), compiled by Theo. W. Ellis

First Church of Christ in Text and Picture: 1637-1912 (1912)

The First Church, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1637-1915; Milestones Through Twenty-Seven Decades (1915)

The Fortieth Anniversary of the South Congregational Church of Springfield, Sunday, March 26, 1882 (1882), by Rev. Noah Porter