Main Arsenal, Springfield (1847)

It’s Springfield Armory Week!! This week, we’ll be looking at some nineteenth century buildings on the grounds of the Springfield Armory. First up is the Main Arsenal, built in 1847-1851 at the west end of Armory Square. Established in 1794, the Armory was the primary center for the manufacture of small arms for the United States military until its closure in 1968. A number of important buildings on the Armory grounds, including the Arsenal, were built during the tenure of Major James W. Ripley as superintendent (1841-1854). Maj. Ripley oversaw a revitalization of manufacturing operations at the Armory and a significant construction program that began with a new Commanding Officer’s Quarters and continued with the Arsenal. The imposing structure’s purpose was to store the weapons manufactured in the neighboring Armory buildings. Only minor alterations have been made to the building since it was finished. The Springfield Armory National Historic Site was established in 1974 and the Arsenal now houses the Armory’s Museum and archives. Springfield became a city in 1852 and the Main Arsenal is featured on the city’s seal The above picture shows the west-facing side of the building. See below is the east facing side:


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  1. Justin says:

    Beautiful..! Springfield is an amazing city.

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