Old First Church, Springfield (1819)

The first Puritan settlers arrived in Springfield from Roxbury in 1636 and organized their church congregation in 1637, with George Moxon as their first minister. The first meetinghouse was built on the southeast corner of Court Square in 1645. It had a shingled roof and two turrets, one used for a bell and the other to guard against attacks by Indians. The second meeting house replaced the first in 1677. The third church building, built in 1752, had a steeple with a clock and a Rooster weathervane, one of three shipped to the colonies in 1750 (the other two went to First Church in Newburyport and South Church in Boston). The weathervane continued to be used on the fourth church building, built in 1819. The church’s most recent organ, built in 1958, was restored in 1997. The First Congregational Church continued to be used for services until the end of 2007, when declining membership led to the closure of the church and the disbanding of the congregation. In March, the city purchased the church, weathervane and organ, but many were concerned when the congregation auctioned off a number of historic items in April. The congregation eventually repurchased the valuable items and donated them to the Springfield Museums Association.

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  1. Steve Merrick says:

    I understand there were old gravestones at this church that were moved to Springfield Cemetery, where the graves moved as well? My ancestor, Thomas Merrick was burried there and I’d like to visit his stone. Thanks.

  2. Laurie says:

    Do you still have theShared Steps program? I want to donate my prosthetic so someone else can use it and benefit from the use.

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  4. Judith Mayes says:

    I just read today that “my” old church is no more–except for the bldg–never thought that would come to pass–my parents were married there 72 years ago & it has always had a special place in my heart, even tho I’ve lived away from the area for many years. So sad. But time marches on.

  5. Is this the church where John Keep, Sarah his wife and baby Jabez, were going when they were killed by Indians? We understand that they were buried and then possibly removed to another cemetery – but no longer are able to be located. Would appreciate your reply to be sent to me at the email address: gailhsnyder@yahoo.com. Thank you, Gail Snyder

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