Springfield Science Museum (1899)

The curiosities collection of the Springfield Museums, which goes back to 1859, was at first housed in City Hall and then in the City Library. It was later displayed in the George Walter Vincent Smith Museum‘s Hall of Ethnology. This collection soon grew so large that a seperate building was constructed in 1899. Originally established as the Springfield Ethnological and Natural History Museum, it is now the Springfield Science Museum.

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  1. Joe says:

    I believe there is a church designed by Richardson in Springfield.

  2. Barbara Shaffer says:

    That’s correct. I’m not sure of the official name but it is the Hispanic Baptist Church on Salem Street. Many years ago the building was built by the North Congregational Church. Another church designed by Richardson is no longer standing, but stood on State Street across from the library where now is a parking lot. Tradition has it that a hotel was to be built there so the church was demolished. After the church was gone, the prospective hotel was denied a liquor license.

  3. Daniel says:

    I’ve just written a post on the Hispanic Baptist Church: http://mass.historicbuildingsct.com/?p=457

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