Westfield Historical Commission

Westfield Athenaeum Library

Edwin Online

Pine Hill Cemetery

A Record of Marriages, Births and Deaths in Westfield, Massachusetts Prior to the Year 1700

Westfield’s Quarter Millennial Anniversary Official Souvenir

Westfield State University

The State Normal School at Westfield

State Normal School Twenty-First Triennial 1907


A historical sketch of Westfield (1826), by Emerson Davis

History of Westfield (1851), by John Alden

The Westfield jubilee: a report of the celebration at Westfield, Mass., on the two hundredth anniversary of the incorporation of the town, October 6, 1869, with the historical address of the Hon. William G. Bates, and other speeches and poems of the occasion with an appendix, containing historical documents of local interest (1870)

A history of the town of Westfield; comp. for the public schools from Greenough’s History of Westfield in the Annals of Hampden County and other sources (1919), by Chester D. Stiles

The history of the celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the incorporation of the town of Westfield, Massachusetts, August 31, September 1, 2, 3, 1919, and appendix with reminiscences of the last half-century (1919)

Westfield’s quarter millennial anniversary official souvenir (1919)

Westfield historical calandar, 1669-1920 (1919)

Westfield and the world war (1919)

Westfield and its historic influences, 1669-1919, Volume 1 (1922), by John H. Lockwood

Westfield and its historic influences, 1669-1919, Volume 2 (1922), by John H. Lockwood

A sermon commemorative of the two-hundredth anniversary of the First Congregational church of Westfield, Mass. (1879), by John H. Lockwood

A discourse on the history of the Westfield Baptist Association and the churches composing the same (1844), by J.G. Warren

General catalogue of the State Normal School, Westfield, Mass., 1839-1889 (1890)

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7 Responses to Westfield

  1. Karen Kiaer says:

    I am a descendant of John Ingersoll & Mary Hunt. I am looking for images or articles about the “Pope” House, & “Ingersoll Place” as well as the first Westfield church that Ingersoll help found. Any assistance would be apprciated. KK

  2. Atara MacNamara says:

    Karen, I, too, am a descendant of John Ingersoll and Mary Hunt. I’m in the Winant line and would also like to have access to any information about them.

  3. Priscilla Judson says:

    Does anyone with the Westfield, MA Historical Society know anything about the history of a home listed as 51 Court St. in Westfield, MA? My son is interested in buying and living in this home. We are seeking info. about the history of this address. Thank you.

  4. Does anyone have knowledge/pictures of the house originally numbered 12 Moseley Ave. and later changed to 36 Moseley Ave. My grandparents owned this home for many years and I would like to know when it was built, who first owned it and most of all, find a picture for my genealogy notebook.

  5. Chase Mcalpine says:

    Does anynone know anything about 2 lewis st. My family has been living in the home and we would like to learn about the history of the house.
    Thank you :)

  6. SUSAN says:

    Does anyone know anything about the Hocker and Doolin family in Westfield, Trying to find some missing Links in Family History

  7. Jeremy Scanlon says:

    In the 1940s, my family lived in the old Moseley House ar 66 Union Street. The house was later moved to Ohio. Would be happy to have information about present location and photo. There was a front page photo in the Westfield News just after the move. the date of that paper would be very welcome.

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