Edwin L. Sanford House (1870)

Edwin L. Sanford House

The most impressive Second Empire-style house in Westfield is the Edwin L. Sanford House, at 33 West Silver Street. According to earlier research, an earlier house, built by A. J. Bradley circa 1857-1870, was moved when Edwin L. Sanford, president of the Sanford Whip Company, bought the property in 1869. A more recent date given for the Sanford House is circa 1865-1870.

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One Response to Edwin L. Sanford House (1870)

  1. Guynell Johnson says:

    Hi, I am doing research on a second empire house that is being restored in our historic district and read about the Edwin L Sanford House. I noticed it said that an earlier house on that site had been moved and I was wondering you had any information on that property. The reason I am asking is because the house that is being restored was moved here and are not sure where it came from.
    Any info would be much appreciated.

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