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Worcester in 1850 (1850)

History of Worcester, Massachusetts: From Its Earliest Settlement to September 1836: with Various Notices Relating to the History of Worcester County (1862). by William Lincoln

Five hundred past and present citizens of Worcester, Mass. (1870)

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Fifty glimpses of Worcester and Lake Quinsigamond (1902)

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History of Worcester and its people, Volume II (1919), by Charles Nutt

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History of Worcester and its people, Volume IV (1919), by Charles Nutt

Some historic houses of Worcester: a brief account of the houses and taverns that fill a prominent part in the history of Worcester, together with interesting reminiscences of their occupants (1919)

Culture and Institutions

Celebration by the inhabitants of Worcester, Mass. of the Centennial of the Declaration of Independence (1876)

Reminiscences and biographical notices of eighteen members of the Worcester Fire Society (1887)

Carl’s tour in Main Street (1889)

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In the matter of the public building at Worcester, Mass: argument and evidence for the petitioners, before the Senate Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds, on the petition to Congress asking that the Secretary of the Treasury be authorized to reconsider the site, May 15, 1890 (1890)

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Military History

A summary military history of Worcester (1895), by Franklin P. Rice

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History, Confession of Faith and Constitution; also a List of Members from Nov. 1841 to Mar. 1895 of the First Universalist Church, Worcester, Mass. (1895)