North High School, Worcester (1889)

The photograph above shows the original 1889 North High School Building at 46 Salisbury Street in Worcester. Designed by Fuller & Delano, the impressive Romanesque Revival structure served as a grammar school (called the Salisbury Street School) until it became a high school in 1911.

A new Classical Revival school building, designed by John T. Simpson, was added next door in 1915-1916 to expand the school. The former school buildings (North High School moved to another building in 1980) were both converted to condominiums in the 1980s.

4 Responses to North High School, Worcester (1889)

  1. Grace Zingarelli says:

    I graduated from North in 1963. Would love to see current photos of the inside of the buildings. Thank you

  2. Ken Parke, Class of '51 says:

    too bad they can’t build schools like that today. they only want to replace what was ment to last for years.

  3. I agree with Grace & Ken…for those of us who live outside of Worcester, current photos of the inside of both buildings would be wonderful to see. What fun to live there right across from the Art Museum and the other wonderful buildings on & near Salisbury Street. And Ken, living here in Southern California for the past 60 years individuals who value architectural forms are hard to come by.
    Thank you Bob Comeau for forwarding this link.
    Greetings from San Diego,
    Ann (Tucker) Walker

  4. richard prensner says:

    thanks bob and don for forwadingthese wonderful pictures . makes you think we were so fortunate to grow up in such a beautiful world.may god bless you all

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