Lenox History

The Mount| Edith Wharton’s Estate & Gardens

Ventfort Hall

Lenox Historical Society


Centennial celebration at Lenox, Mass: historical address by Hon. Julius Rockwell (1876)

Lenox (1896), by George A. Hibbard

Lenox and the Berkshire highlands (1902), by R. DeWitt Mallary

History of Lenox and Richmond (1904), by Charles J. Palmer

One hundredth anniversary of the founding of Lenox Academy : an account of the celebration and the day’s doings, October first, Nineteen hundred three (1905)

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2 Responses to Lenox

  1. Lucy Kennedy says:

    Just getting started on a Lenox History blog for the 250th anniversary in 2017 – would love to connect

  2. Daniel says:

    I’d like to get pictures of more buildings in Lenox sometime!

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