Berkshire Museum

Herman Melville’s Arrowhead (Berkshire Historical Society)

Pittsfield’s 1791 Baseball Bylaw


A history of the county of Berkshire, Massachusetts, in two parts: The first being a general view of the county; the second, an account of the several towns; Part I: general view of the county (1829), by Chester Dewey

A history of the town of Pittsfield, in Berkshire County, Mass. with a map of the county (1844), by David D. Field

The history of Pittsfield (Berkshire County), Massachusetts, from the year 1734 to the year 1800 (1869), by J. E. A. Smith

The history of Pittsfield (Berkshire County), Massachusetts, from the year 1800 to the year 1876 (1876), by J. E. A. Smith

The proceedings at the dedication of the Soldiers’ monument, at Pittsfield, Mass., September 24, 1872, including the oration of Hon. Geo. Wm. Curtis (1872), compiled for the committee by J. E. A. Smith

Proceedings in commemoration of the organization in Pittsfield, February 7, 1764, of the First Church of Christ; February 7, 1889 (1889)

The Union for Home Work, Pittsfield, Mass: Reports for the year 1892-1893 (1893)

Catholic Pittsfield and Berkshire (1897), by Katherine F. Mullany

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