St. Jerome Roman Catholic Church, Holyoke (1858)

St. Jerome Roman Catholic Church, Holyoke

St. Jerome’s Roman Catholic Church was the city of Holyoke’s first Catholic church. Holyoke Catholics were first organized in 1856 and the church, located at 181 Hampden Street, was built in 1858-1860. The church was designed by prominent church architect Patrick Keely. A fire in 1934 destroyed everything but the church’s brick walls. The building was rebuilt to plans by John W. Donahue of Springfield. A chapel was added to the rear of the church, plans starting in 1939.

Next to the church is the parish rectory, at 169 Hampden Street. Built in 1869, it is a French Second Empire-style building with a Mansard roof.

St. Jerome Rectory

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