Holyoke Die Cut Card Company (1873)

At 439 Dwight Street in Holyoke a factory was constructed in 1873 by George W. Prentiss on land he acquired in 1871 for his Prentiss Wire Mills. His company produced piano, broom and industrial wire and produced the first wire stitcher for book binding in the United Stats in 1875. The building today looks different from that depicted in early illustrations. The current structure may have been significantly altered (with the removal of the original roof) or completely rebuilt (perhaps around 1900, which is the date given the building in the Holyoke On-Line Property Viewer). The factory was later home to the Holyoke Die Cut Card Company. Now vacant, the building, which is along Holyoke’s Canal Walk, may be restored in the future.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Does anyone know when Prestiss Wire closed down? I just found a newspaper article written around 1955 where they honored 15 employees with a total of over 600 total years of service! Additionally the company gave a $13,800 donation for the Providence Hospital. I assume this would have been in Springfield MA?

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