Old Town House, Marblehead (1727)

This is the 500th Post for Historic Buildings of Massachusetts!!! The Old Town House in Marblehead was built in 1727. The upper level contained the town hall and the lower level was originally used as a market. The building is sometimes called “Marblehead’s Cradle of Liberty” because of meetings held there before the Revolution where such leaders as Elbridge Gerry and General John Glover debated independence. The building‘s lower level, originally at ground level before the addition of a granite foundation to the structure in 1830, served as the town’s Police Station from 1853 to 1961 and is now home to the Marblehead Police Museum. The second floor also has a Grand Army of the Republic meeting hall maintained as a museum.

4 Responses to Old Town House, Marblehead (1727)

  1. Josh says:

    Congrat’s on your 500th post! I love reading your blog. I make architectural models as a hobby and I use your site all the time; it’s a wonderful task you’ve set yourself to.

  2. Daniel says:

    Thank You! What materials are your models made from?

  3. Josh says:

    Oh nothing special 2x museum board, acrylic paint. I’ve got about 70 of them though, a small town going.

  4. Andrew Thompson says:

    I am a metal detectorist based in the United Kingdom. On Sunday I found a small brass plaque with the outline of a house which looks incredibly similar to the Marblehead building complete with the date of 1727 over the doorway. It also has the same number of windows and even the outline of the stone quoins down the edge of the frontage.
    If you are interested in seeing an image of it please let me have an email address.

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