The General John Glover House (1762)

John Glover was a Marblehead fisherman and merchant who rose to the rank of general in the Revolutionary War. His schooner Hannah was the first of many privateers authorized by George Washington to raid British shipping. Glover‘s Marblehead militia became the 14th Continental Regiment, known as the “Amphibious Regiment,” which evacuated Washington’s Continental Army after it lost the Battle of Long Island. His seafaring men would again man the boats for Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware in 1776. John Glover’s gambrel-roofed house at 11 Glover Street in Marblehead was built in 1762.

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  1. Egger Jones says:

    John Glover; he is a hero to many. He may have died a long time ago, but we will never forget him. He fought for our nation, and he succeded. RIP John Glover. You will never be forgoton.

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