Stebbins-Wright House (1824)


The Stebbins-Wright House is a brick Federal-style house in Old Deerfield. It was built in 1824 by Asa Stebbins, for his son, Asa Stebbins, Jr.. Asa, Sr. had earlier built his own house of brick in 1799. The house was owned by Stebbins’ heirs until 1908, when it was acquired by George and Jane Wright. In 1948, it was acquired by Henry and Helen Flynt for Historic Deerfield. They continued to use the name “Wright House” and restored the house to display a collection of high-style furniture. The house is no longer open to the public.

4 Responses to Stebbins-Wright House (1824)

  1. Bill Flynt says:

    The Stebbins-Wright house pictured was built in 1824, not 1724.

  2. Daniel says:

    That was a typo. I’ve fixed it, thanks!

  3. Robert C Wright says:

    It was disappointing to see the The Wright House, is now the Stebbins House.
    Evidently it had become the Stebbins-Wright House, by 2009, when you posted this.
    My great grandfather George Wright sold the house to the historic society.
    My father Charles P (Roy) Wright told me it was named the Wright House, when my great grandfather sold the home to the historical society.
    I am taking my oldest son to College in Boston, and wanted to show him the house he has seen a painting of, and family photos taken there.

    Thanks for your work to share the history of Old Deerfield MA.

  4. Ronald Wright says:

    I’m very interested in the Wright House, do you have more information on the Wright family?

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