Asa Stebbins House (1799)


The Federal-style Asa Stebbins House, now one of the museum houses of Historic Deerfield, was built in 1799 and was the first brick house in Franklin county. Stebbins, a wealthy farmer and mill owner, was on the building committees for two other brick structures: the original building of Deerfield Academy (now the Memorial Hall Museum) and the town’s “brick church“. He was also a town selectman and state representative and built and decorated his house in the popular Federal style. Inside, the house has French scenic wallpaper by Joseph Dufour depicting the voyages of Captain Cook.

4 Responses to Asa Stebbins House (1799)

  1. Jeanne Stebbins Nuzzolese says:

    My Sisters, who are Stebbinses too toured the house a few years ago. They really loved it! We are related through Dutton LaDow Stebbins, my grandfather.

  2. Carl Eastvold says:

    I’d love to see the place. I’ve been informed that before the house was built – it was the site of my 6th great grandfather’s tavern.

  3. david stebbins says:

    A true straight blood-line decendant of Asa Stebbins, my grandfather’s grandfather.

  4. david stebbins says:

    I am as well a true descendant of Asa, and of John Stebbins from the bloody brook massacre. I hope they made it to the shores of glory so I can see them.

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