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Marlborough, MA History


History of the town of Marlborough, Middlesex county, Massachusetts, from its first settlement in 1657 to 1861; with a brief sketch of the town of Northborough, a genealogy of the families in Marlborough to 1800, and an account of the celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of the incorporation of the town (1862), by Charles Hudson

A record of upward of six hundred events, with the dates of their occurrence, in Marlborough and neighboring towns (1880), by Cyrus Felton

Notes on the history of Marlborough (1905), compiled by J.A. Pitman

Historical reminiscences of the early times in Marlborough, Massachusetts, and prominent events from 1860 to 1910, including brief allusions to many individuals and an account of the celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the incorporation of the town (1910), by Ella A. Bigelow

Vital records of Marlborough, Massachusetts (1908)

First records of Marlborough, Massachusetts (1909)

Marlborough, Massachusetts, burial ground inscriptions: Old Common, Spring Hill, and Brigham Cemeteries (1908)


An historical sketch of the First Congregational Church in Marlborough, Mass. (1859), by Levi A. Field

Note-book kept by the Rev. William Brinsmead, the first minister of Marlborough, Mass. (1889)

History of the Second Parish Church (Unitarian), Marlborough, Massachusetts (1906), by Edward F. Hayward

History of the Baptist Church in Marlboro, from April 14th, 1868, to April 14th, 1878 (1878), by J. T. Burhoe

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2 Responses to Marlborough

  1. Patricia A. Pazzaneze says:

    I received an email in April from a friend titled “OLD MARLBOROUGH” it gave a detailed map of Marlborough. She can’t find in her data base. I passed it along to a friend months ago who can not retrieve it.
    I have since down loaded my system for repairs, subsequently deleted it. I was also sure I printed it but can not find this either.
    Do you know what I am talking about, if so please advise.

  2. Janice Lindwall says:

    Good afternoon,
    I am a member of the Stoughton CPC. A member of our Historical commission has expressed concerns regarding a historic home built in the 1700’s. It is slated to be demolished. It is my understanding that you had a similar situation and I think you had the home moved. Not sure. This was in the 90’s I’m guessing. Can you shed any light on the home you folks saved back then.
    It would be most appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Janice Lindwall

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