Hatfield Historical Society

Brief History of Hatfield, Massachusetts


The Hatfield Book (1908), by Charles A. Wight

A History of Hatfield, Massachusetts (1910), by Daniel White Wells and Reuben Field Wells

Papers Concerning the Attack on Hatfield and Deerfield by a Party of Indians from Canada, September Nineteenth, 1677 (1859)

212th Anniversary of the Indian Attack on Hatfield, and Field-Day of the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, at Hatfield, Massachusetts, Thursday, Sept. 19th, 1889 (1890)

A Sermon Preached at Hatfield, October 20, 1807, at the Opening of the Hatfield Bridge (1807), by Joseph Lyman

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One Response to Hatfield

  1. gil anderson says:

    I am curious about a house that is on the road from I91 to Hatfield Center. It is close to a pub which used to be called The Smithsonian. The house looks to be a very old house that has been redone many times. I was wondering if there were a listing of the oldest ouses in Hatfield.

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