Town of Weston Historical Commission

Weston Historical Society

Random Recollections (1977), by Brenton H. Dickson

The Golden Ball Tavern Museum

The Case Estates


History of the town of Weston, Massachusetts, 1630-1890 (1879), by Col. Daniel S. Lamson

“Weston,” by C.A. Nelson, in History of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, Vol. II (1880), by Samuel Adams Drake

Town of Weston: The Tax Lists, 1757-1827 (1897)

Town of Weston: Records of the First Precinct, 1746-1754, and of the Town, 1754-1803 (1893)

Town of Weston : Records of the Town Clerk, 1804-1826 (1894)

Town of Weston: Births, deaths and marriages, 1707-1850; Gravestones, 1703-1900; Church Records, 1701-1825 (1901)

A Sermon, Delivered at Weston, January 12, 1813, on the Termination of a Century Since the Incorporation of the Town (1813), by Samuel Kendal

Oration delivered before the inhabitants of Weston, at the Town Hall, July 4, 1876 (1876), by Charles H. Fiske

An Account of the Celebration by the First Parish of Weston, Massachusetts of its Two Hundredth Anniversary [1898] (1900)

Catalogue of the Weston Town Library. 1896 (1896)