Bismark Hotel (1900)

In the early 1860s, businessman John C. Buschmann established the Railroad House Hotel on Depot Square, near the train station, in Westfield. In 1899 his son, Thomas Buschmann, hired architect Augustus W. Holton to design a larger hotel to replace the existing one. Called the Bismarck Hotel, it opened in 1900. The building (16 Union Avenue) continued as a hotel until 1930, after which it housed a series of small industrial firms. In 2001 it was acquired by Pilgrim Candle, which already occupied Buschmann’s Block next door.

2 Responses to Bismark Hotel (1900)

  1. Sp Gomes says:

    Love the history. Will have to go on a “site” seeing trip. Thanks for Info !

  2. Richard Pomeroy says:

    When one goes into Pilgrim Candle Store, look up and around and see some of the pressed metal ceiling tiles and other features from the hotel era of the building.

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