Old Holyoke Railroad Station (1883)


The City of Holyoke has a railroad station designed by the famed architect H. H. Richardson. Located at 12 Bowers Street, it was built in 1883-1885 as the Boston and Maine Railroad Station, also known as the Connecticut River Railroad Station. No longer a station, its later history included use as the Star Automotive Warehouse. It is currently an endangered building.
Check out the following PDF documents:
On the history of the station: http://www.holyokeredevelopment.com/wp-content/uploads/Depot-Sq.-Presentation-Boards-FINAL-small-file.pdf
On the potential reuse of the station: http://www.holyokeredevelopment.com/wp-content/uploads/Part-1-from-RICHARDSON_Report_FINAL.pdf


2 Responses to Old Holyoke Railroad Station (1883)

  1. Geek in Easthampton says:

    Yay!! I’m so psyched the CPA measure passed in Holyoke. Thanks for including the Richardson report! It’s packed with great info & some photos I’d never seen before.
    Love your blog!

  2. Jim Murphy says:

    Please include me in your blog updates on the Holyoke station. A few years back with the help of Mr. Mackiewicz, photos and measurements I’m began a set of drawings of the station. Some HH Richardson original drawings of the Northampton station from the B&M Historicall Society helped on some details. I’m building an exact scale model of the building. If there are any interior photos taken in the 1920’s or ’30s I would like to use then for interior detailing. Thanks. Murph

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