Brewer-Young House (1884)

Brewer-Young House

The Brewer-Young House in Longmeadow is a Colonial Revival mansion built in 1884 as a residence for Rev. Samuel Wolcott. The house was next occupied, in 1889, by State Senator George Brewer, who covered the exterior of the house with brown shingles. It was sold, in 1922, to Mary Ida Young, wife of Wilbur Fenelon Young, the inventor of the liniment Absorbine. Young had the brown shingles removed.

2 Responses to Brewer-Young House (1884)

  1. Mary Burns says:

    Where there any other owners other than Brewers and Young?

  2. John says:

    Wolcott build the house but died before he could move in. His widow lived there until 1901 (not 1889). That’s when Brewer bought the house and replaced the brown shingled house with white clapboards. Ida Young bought the house in 1922 and lived there until 1960. Her grandson then moved in with their family until around 1989 (not quite sure). After that it’s a bit fuzzy until 1994 when Terry Rovelli bought the house for $400,000. He sold it to Fatemi in 2000. He’s the one who was evicted in 2015. Chase owned it and neglected it until they were forced to fix the front porch and columns. It was purchased by a group of investors in Sept 2017 to turn it into an office building. Hopefully, it will be restored as a residence and continue in the tradition of a lovely home and residence in perpetuity.

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