Brick Dwelling, Hancock Shaker Village (1830)

Brick Dwelling

The Brick Dwelling at Hancock Shaker Village replaced two earlier dwelling structures, dating to the 1790s. The Brick Dwelling was built in 1830-1831 and was designed by Elder William Deming. The building’s basement was used for the kitchen and food storage and the first floor contained various waiting rooms, with the large dining room and the meeting room at opposite ends. The upper floors contained the separated brethren and sisters retiring rooms (Elders and Eldresses retiring rooms were on the second floor). The restored Brick Dwelling can be visited as part of the Hancock Shaker Village museum.

The Meeting Room:

Meeting Room

The Dining Room:

Dining Room

The hanging rope was used to ring a bell to summon the Shakers to meals.

rope for diner bell

Next to the Brick Dwelling is the Wash House, probably built around the same time:

Wash House

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