Captain Simon Colton House (1734)

Old Red House on the Green

The Captain Simon Colton House is a classic saltbox house built on Longmeadow Green in 1734. The house has an ell extending to the south which was built to meet a stipulation of Capt. Colton’s second wife that she would marry him only if he made her a seperate bedroom. The house operated as a tavern around the time of the Revolutionary War. It was owned for a time by the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, but was later sold with the requirement that the facade remain unchanged and that the house, known as the “Old Red House on the Green,” always be painted red. The house is featured on the Town Seal of Longmeadow.

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  1. Eddie L Pipkin says:

    Qt.Master George Colton Is My 6th Great Greatgrandfather . My Grand Father Simeon Colton Pipkin Mother WasJane Gray Colton Daughter Of Rev Simeon Colton DD Born 1785.. I Would Love To Live In That House

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