Somerset Club (1819)


The home of David Sears, on Beacon Street in Boston, began as a 2-story bowfront house, built in 1816-1819 and designed by Alexander Parris. The left section of the house, featuring a second bowfront, was added by Sears in 1832, and in the 1830s, the house was the most expensive in Boston. The building has been home to the exclusive Somerset Club since 1872, when the third floor was added. Today, the house gives an impression of monumentality, with its large size and granite facade.

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One Response to Somerset Club (1819)

  1. Ed says:

    Excellent photograph, but the third floor was added by David Sears during the 1830’s renovation. Pre-1870’s photographs and engravings show the mansion pretty much as is.

    The Somerset Club renovations didn’t change the Beacon Street facade much with the exception of the doorway cut into the front wall.

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