The Mason-Roberts-Colby House (1768)

The Mason-Roberts-Colby House is a Georgian Colonial residence at the corner of Federal Street and Federal Court in Salem. The house has an attached Beverley jog to the right of the front facade. Built in 1768 for Capt. Jonathan Mason, the house was originally located where the Forrester-Peabody House (1818) stands today on Washington Square North, but it was moved by a team of sixty oxen to make way for the newer building. The move was supervised by William Roberts, a mason, who would later build the East India Marine Hall and St. Peter’s Church. His descendants then owned the home for many years.

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  1. Ben Arlander says:

    This house continues to be occupied by the descendants of William Roberts. The current family that occupies the house are the ninth generation of William Roberts family to live in the there.

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