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  1. Jocelyne Charest says:

    Good day,

    This house means such a lot to me… my daughter, Cynthia, was born there on October 5, 1985. At the time, there was one part of the building rented as an apartment, and this is where I used to live. The landlord was Doctor Donovan. Mr Khan was the caretaker employed by Dr. Donovan.
    I now live in Canada since around 1988, but (finally) we plan to go and visit the Salem area for the first time (after so many years) end of May of beginning of June.

    It would be some kind of a dream to go back where I used to live…. to rent for a night or two the same area where my daughter was born.

    From the left door (the 331), I would walk up to the end of the building, then the apartment was there on the left…

    Is there any way we could rent a room (or two) for one night stay, in the “same part of the building”, end of May, for 4 to 6 persons ?

    Best regards,
    Jocelyne Charest

  2. Daniel says:

    Please visit this site to make your request: http://www.saleminnma.com/index.html

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