The John Palmer House (1683)

One of the oldest houses in Marblehead is the John Palmer House at 11 Hooper Street. The house was built in 1683 and has framing timbers made of English walnut, salvaged from a sailing vessel (one timber was formerly a mast and still displays rope marks). The two houses on either side immediately adjoin the Palmer House. Today, the house has sash windows, which long ago replaced the original irregularly spaced casement windows.

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  1. Glen Palmer says:

    I am quite sure that was an ancester’s homeMy name is Glen Palmer. There were 4 Palmer brothers came from Engand around 1640. One was Edward, Whom I am decended from. I do not recall the other names. They seperated & one went to Mass. & one to Illinois < one to Tennesee & one stayed in Virginia. One was in shipping & was quite welthy. I have ancestery back to William the Conquer, through the Richmond line. Glad to see the John Palmer home

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