Frary House (1760) and Barnard Tavern (1795)


In 1890, Miss Charlotte Alice Baker purchased a colonial home in Deerfield and, assisted by the architectural firm of Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge, restored it in 1892 in one of the earliest efforts at historic preservation in Western Massachusetts. Baker also furnished the home in line with the ideas of the Colonial Revival and Arts and Crafts movements. At the time, the house was believed to have been built by the original Deerfield settler, Samson Frary, who owned the lot and built a house on it sometime after 1683. Frary was killed during the famous 1704 French and Indian Raid on Deerfield. C. Alice Baker, who was a descendant of Samson Frary, did research on the Deerfield captives and wrote a book called True Stories of New England Captives Carried to Canada During the Old French and Indian Wars (1897). She also wrote A Summer in the Azores (1882). Baker’s lifelong companion, Miss Susan Lane, died in 1893 and Miss Baker died in 1909.

The Frary House, now believed to have been built sometime in the late 1750s, is currently owned by Historic Deerfield. The Barnard Tavern is an addition to the Frary House, constructed in 1795. The home had been sold from the Frary to the Barnard families in 1752. With a large second-floor meeting room, the tavern was one of the centers of village life. At the Tavern’s bar, in 1775, Col. Benedict Arnold closed a contract to supply the expedition against Fort Ticonderoga. Recent research, though, suggests that the building may not have served the full functions of a tavern. Archeological work is also planned for the site.

3 Responses to Frary House (1760) and Barnard Tavern (1795)

  1. Eileen Shufelt says:

    I am looking to see if I am a relative.
    My grandmother was Alice Frary. She lived in Canandaigua.

  2. Charlotte Carroll says:

    My ancestor was Eleazer brother of Samson. I have the genealogy book perhaps I could find her name if I had more information. There are several Alice’s listed. Who were her parents?

  3. Edward John Maher says:

    My name is Edward John Maher, my father who is now deceased was Eugene Edward Maher. His mother was Alice Frary Maher. According to my father The Frary House is part of our family homestead dating back to 1650. My grandmother’s fathers name is Edward Frary. There is a book out there with regard to the Frary homestead but I’m not sure we’re it has ended up!

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