Old Meeting House, Granville (1802)

Granville‘s first Congregational meeting house was built in 1747 and replaced by the current Old Meeting House in 1802. The gable-roofed structure, which lost its steeple in a gale in 1840, was remodeled in 1890. The present front columns were most likely added in 1862 or during the 1890 remodeling. The first permanent town hall was built in 1927. In 1937, the First Congregational Church is joined with the Baptist Church to form the Granville Federated Church. Since 1976, the Old Meeting House has been owned by the town and the restored building is rented out for various events.

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  1. Erica Morin says:


    I am getting married in October of 2015 in the Southwick/Granville area. I have yet to find a ceremony location. I stumbled upon this and fell in love. Could I have more information on renting it for a ceremony of approximately 100 people?

    Thank you,

    Erica Morin (& Tyler Donnelly)

  2. Daniel says:

    You should contact the Town of Granville about this.

  3. Didn’t know the name was so rare, but no bad reports of the name in the early times. Cann’t say that in these times. Just Glad to be a Granville.

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