J.M. Gibbons Store (1934)

This week we’ll be looking at buildings in Granville, which is in Hampton County on the border with Connecticut. A local landmark is the Granville Country Store, famous for its cheese. John Murray Gibbons developed the recipe and aging process for what is known as Granville Cellar Aged Cheddar. At sixteen he had begun working in the Granville village store and a year later he owned the business. In 1851, he opened a new building for his store in Granville Center, which was also a post office (he served as postmaster) and had a school on the second floor. The store burned down in 1884 and was replaced by a new building. When that structure burned in 1934, it was replaced by the current Colonial Revival-style building, which has a pedimented gable and semicircular window. J.M. Gibbons Sons has had many owners over the years, but is seen by the people of Granville as “their” store.

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  1. PSP says:

    I clicked on a link and was surprised to see pictures on the front page of my home town. Thank-you.

  2. Susan Santana says:

    This was a brief unplanned stop on the way to Grandma’s house one Easter and it is truely the most Awesome Store I have ever been in. I will try to come back again.
    Westminster, MARYLAND

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