20 Pinckney Street, Boston (1852)


The house at 20 Pinckney Street on Boston’s Beacon Hill is listed in some online sources as having been built in 1860, but it must have been built sometime before 1852, because from 1852 to 1855, it was the home of Bronson Alcott and his family. Louisa May Alcott’s room was on the house‘s third floor. While living here, Louisa’s first story was published, “The Rival Painters: a Tale of Rome” in 1852 and her first book, Flower Fables (1854). Later, after Louisa May Alcott became a successful writer, she lived in nearby Louisburg Square, looking after her father.

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  1. Yvonne Wright says:

    My great-great grandparents owned this house in 1865, where my great-great grandfather, Capt. John K. Lloyd Of Company H of the Seventeenth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, died on March 30, 1865. Are there any photos of my great-great grandfather in the area?

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