The William Ellery Channing House (1835)


Dr. William Ellery Channing was a leading Unitarian preacher and theologian, who was minister of the Federal Street Church in Boston from 1830-1842. Asher Benjamin designed the 1835 house at 83 Mount Vernon Street, on Boston’s Beacon Hill, where Channing and his family lived from 1835 until his death in 1842. Among the distinguished visitors at the house was Charles Dickens, who had breakfast with Channing in 1842. Dr. Channing’s nephew was William Ellery Channing, the Transcendentalist poet.

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One Response to The William Ellery Channing House (1835)

  1. Barrett Lovejoy says:

    My great grandfather and grandmother were married–

    1877 July 1st: At the age of twenty-four Mary Gordon French married WILLIAM LUZERNE LOVEJOY. The wedding took place in Boston, Massachusetts.

    On the Vital records for Boston her death is recorded —

    1915 July 4th:

    Her death notice indicates she was married in the “Channing Home”.

    Would this be the house mentioned above? Would there be any marriage records.

    Thank you for looking into this matter.

    Barrett Lovejoy

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