Jacob Colton House (1765)

Elihu Colton was a Yale educated lawyer who had served as a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He was a delegate to the Massachusetts Convention of 1788, which ratified the U.S. Constitution. His house in Longmeadow was built in 1765, possibly for Henry or Jacob Colton. It is known as the Jacob Colton House. Two gravestones were discovered along the south property line in the 1960s, one marked “N. C.” and the other “Ebeneezer Colton.”

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  1. Wayne Jackson says:

    I’m new to rennovating an old house but do not want to “remuddle” our house, while making it safe for our family. Qestion: Our front stairway is very steep and short. I’ve found that this is typical of the period. Could you tell me about the stairway(s) in this home, so I can see if I could do something “more original” to make our home safe without ruining the style of the home? A floor plan of the two floors would help a lot.
    Thank you.

  2. Daniel says:

    I don’t have access to that information. I only know what can be found by following the links in the post above. Perhaps you could contact Longmeadow’s library or town property records office to get the info you’re looking for?

  3. jenni devlin says:

    It would be so neat to see the inside of these houses. Is their a way to see the inside? Just looking at stairways and the inside could give anyone ideas, it helps me lot. Of course I have a lot of imagination on how it used to be. I can almost picture the first families that used to live there.

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