Waltham City Hall (1926)

Waltham City Hall

The Colonial Revival-style City Hall of Waltham, designed by Kilham, Hopkins and Greeling, was built in 1926 and opened and dedicated in 1927. It stands on the old site of Rumford Hall, a building constructed a century earlier, in 1827, to house the Rumford Institute. Founded in 1826, the Institute was a lyceum, with lectures and classes in the arts and sciences for the female mill workers at the Boston Manufacturing Company, which built the Hall. An early instructor at the Institute was the Unitarian minister and educator, Bernard Whitman. The institute also established Waltham’s first circulating library. In 1854, the Rumford Building was sold to the Town of Waltham for use as Town Hall, eventually being replaced by the current structure. Waltham City Hall has a limestone facade.

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  1. Garry Proia says:

    How do I get a copy of my birth certificate? I live in Phoenix, Arizona
    My birthdate is 4-8-1963

  2. Laura Manory says:

    Replying to Garry Proia’s question. City Hall of the town you were born in is where you can get a copy of your birth certificate for a very small fee. In Waltham, just walk in the front door and head to the left and ask them there.

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