Abbey Chapel, Mount Holyoke College (1897)

The Seminary Building at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley was destroyed by fire in 1896. The following year, a chapel was built on the site, called Mary Lyon Chapel and connected to Mary Lyon Hall. The Chapel was renovated and much enlarged in 1938 with a donation from Emily Abbey Gill and was renamed Abbey Memorial Chapel. It was converted in 1999 into the Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary. Since 2009, the Chapel has been open to the public for weddings.

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  1. This is a bit misleading. The Mary Lyon Chapel was built in 1897. The Abbey Memorial Chapel was added alongside the Mary Lyon Chapel in 1938. The Mary Lyon Chapel underwent renovations starting in 1999 which were finished in 2001 and the Chapel was renamed the Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary. So now we have the Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary which seats 60 people and the Abbey Memorial Chapel that seats 900.

  2. Wendy Arnell Brophy says:

    What architectural style is Abby Memorial Chapel?

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