74 Joy Street, Boston (1862)

At 74 Joy Street in Boston’s Beacon Hill is a mansard-roofed building, built in 1861-1862. Designed by Gridley J.F. Bryant, it was built as Boston’s Police Station Number 3. In 1962, it ceased being used as a police station and in 1966 it was bought by the Beacon Hill Civic Association (it also houses the Beacon Hill Business Association and Beacon Hill Village).

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  1. Bill Strong says:

    In 1952, the Office of the Navy’s permanent shore patrol was in the basement. (The chief was permanent. The SPs were petty officers provided by the ships in the navy yards). There was a small office for the chief, 2 cells and a room with seats and a table. After 6 months at sea on the USS Salem, I volunteered for a 30 day stint as the rider on the paddy wagon from midnight to 8 am. First, as the bars closed we brought in the SPs then went out on specific calls, until 5 or 6 am when we picked up sailors in jails. We returned them to their ships

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