Old Pease House (1830)

The Old Pease House in Longmeadow is usually listed in records with a date of 1830, but was actually built much earlier. It’s first owner was Skinner Coomes, who was mentioned by Dr. Frederick Colton in his Address, delivered on October 17, 1883, at the centennial celebration of the incorporation of Longmeadow. According to Dr. Colton:

Glancing over to where the Goss house used to stand, opposite the station, upon the river bank, my heart beats quicker; for I recall how, one April day thirty-six years ago, a little fellow with pockets bulging with base balls and hands clutching tightly his cap lest it be lost, struggled hopelessly in the swollen river, until a brave man of the town periled his own life and saved mine. I would that he, the old parish sexton, Mr. Skinner Coomes, were alive, that he might know how gratefully I still cherish the memory of his heroic deed.

Skinner Coomes’s daughter married a Pease, from whom the house gets its name. At some point, the original first floor was raised up to become the second floor and a new first floor was constructed above.

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  1. jenni devlin says:

    I just love these, it would be neat to go back in time. The houses have such charactor. Beautiful!

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