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William Brown House (1847)

William Brown, printer and clerk at the State House in Boston, lived in the Gothic Revival cottage erected in 1847 at 19 Broad Street in Salem. It was built on land acquired from the Pickering family and the Pickering House, a seventeenth-century house that was itself later altered in the Gothic style, is nearby. The Brown Cottage was owned by the Bartlett family from 1865 to 1919.

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Benjamin Blanchard House (1800)

The Benjamin Blanchard House is at 134 Federal Street and 2 Carpenter Street in Salem. Built c. 1800, it has interior woodwork carved by Samuel McIntire, moved from the demolished Enoch Dow House by architect Philip Horton Smith, who owned the Blanchard House at the time.

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Elizabeth King House (1832)

At 13 Chestnut Street (corner of Cambridge Street) in Salem is a Greek Revival house built around 1832 by carpenter William Lummus for Miss Elizabeth King. From 1884 to 1923, it was the home of Dr. Thomas Kittredge, surgeon general of the Commonwealth. The bay window above the front door is a later addition.

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Holman-Price House (1845)

The Greek Revival house at 330 Essex Street in Salem was built in 1845-1846 for hatmaker Jonathan Holman. In 1863, the house passed from Holman’s estate to Richard Price, an executive in a Boston ice company.

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