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Parks Building (1873)

Parks Building (1873)

Oren B. Parks operated a grocery store in Westfield and became a successful businessman and civic leader in the late nineteenth century. He played a major role in developing the Northside section of Westfield. Around 1873 he built the three-story commercial building at 57-59 North Elm Street to accommodate his expanding business.

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Foster House Hotel (1843)

Foster House Hotel

The building at 50 North Elm Street in Westfield was built in 1843 as a hotel by Micajak Taylor. In the 1850s the building was known as the Pontoosic House Hotel and from the 1890s the hotel and tavern/restaurant was known as the Foster House. Thought to be the oldest continuously operated tavern in western Massachusetts, the Foster House has now been closed for several years.

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D. W. Gillett Block (1899)

Gillett Block

After the Masonic Block on Elm Street in Westfield burned down in 1896, Ralph D. Gillett constructed a new building (100 Elm Street) on the site in 1898-1899. It is a three-story granite and buff brick corner building with terra cotta and metal trim. Gillett was president of the Hampton Railroad, whose offices were in the building, along with McClure Laboratories (which tested food for impurities, gaining Westfield the title of “The Pure Food Town“) and The Great River Water and Power Company. Today the Gillett Block is owned by the City of Westfield and is used by the Westfield Gas and Electric Company.

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South Maple Street School (1888)

Westfield Grange Hall

The former South Maple Street School, a two-room brick schoolhouse built in 1888, is located at 89 South Maple Street in Westfield. The school was in continuous use until 1918 and was then unoccupied until 1931, when it became a Grange Hall for Westfield Grange #20. An entryway to the cellar kitchen was added to the building’s front facade around 1960.

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Root House (1840)

Root House

Known as the Root House, the house at 63 Broad Street in Westfield was built c. 1840.

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Morgan-Way House (1817)

Morgan-Way House

Once thought to have been built in the 1780s by John Phelps, the house at 29 Broad Street in Westfield was actually built circa 1820 (perhaps as early as 1817) by Major Archippus Morgan (1772-1857), a merchant from Pittsfield. He also built the Morgan Block in Westfield. After Morgan‘s death in 1857, his widow, Parmelia Taylor Morgan, lived in the house until her death in 1867. The Way family owned the house from 1883 until 1944, when it was converted for use as a funeral home by Stanley and Donald Healey. In 1914, John T. Way had removed the house’s roof balustrade and added metal roofing, two dormer windows and a front porch. (more…)

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Phelps-Hedges House (1815)

Phelps-Hedges House

The house at 9 West Silver Street in Westfield was probably built between 1811 and 1821 (c. 1815) by Aaron Phelps, who sold it in the latter year to Joseph Hedges. It remained in the Hedges family for most of the nineteenth century. From 1939 to 1969, J. Rex Adams owned the house and made some interior alterations.

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