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Phelps-Hedges House (1815)

Phelps-Hedges House

The house at 9 West Silver Street in Westfield was probably built between 1811 and 1821 (c. 1815) by Aaron Phelps, who sold it in the latter year to Joseph Hedges. It remained in the Hedges family for most of the nineteenth century. From 1939 to 1969, J. Rex Adams owned the house and made some interior alterations.

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Morgan Block (1820)

Morgan Block, Westfield

The Morgan Block, 3-7 Court Street in Westfield, was built c. 1817-1820 by Major Archippus Morgan (1772-1857). Morgan operated a general store on the premises with his partner Martin Cowles and rented additional space for other shops. The YMCA’s first hall in Westfield opened in the building in 1866 (it was here for only three years). Sarah Morgan Way made alterations to the building later in the nineteenth century, adding the bay windows, dormer windows and entry door surrounds. The Morgan Block today houses various professional service offices.

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Edwin L. Sanford House (1870)

Edwin L. Sanford House

The most impressive Second Empire-style house in Westfield is the Edwin L. Sanford House, at 33 West Silver Street. According to earlier research, an earlier house, built by A. J. Bradley circa 1857-1870, was moved when Edwin L. Sanford, president of the Sanford Whip Company, bought the property in 1869. A more recent date given for the Sanford House is circa 1865-1870.

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Columbus Building (1912)

Columbus Building, Westfield

The Columbus Building, at 91-99 Elm Street in Westfield, was built in 1912 by John J. Hearn for his furniture store, Hearn & Company. There is a large c. 1950s slab on the lower right of the building’s front facade where the name “Hearn’s” was once displayed. Some years ago, the building’s upper floors were converted to apartments.

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Central Baptist Church, Westfield (1867)

Central Baptist Church

The First Baptist Church of Westfield was formed in 1784. In 1833, the church split over the issue of supporting missions. Those in favor of supporting missions left to form the Central Baptist Church. Soon most of the members of the First Baptist Church were absorbed into Central Baptist. The new church’s first meeting house was built in 1837-1838 at the corner of Elm and Church Streets in Westfield. Plans for erecting the current church (at 115 Elm Street) began in 1863. The Chapel (now Hays Hall) was completed in 1867 and the sanctuary was built the following year.

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William C. Clark House (1887)

William C. Clark House (1887)

The house at 52 Broad Street in Westfield was built in 1886-1887 for William C. Clark. He served as town selectman and his son, Frederic, was a surgeon who used the house as his home and office.

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79 Broad Street, Westfield (1820)

The origins of the building at 79 Broad Street in Westfield are uncertain and complicated by the fact that the house has been completely altered inside. It was built between 1810 and 1830 and is said to have been a blacksmith shop. It was later converted into a residence and is now used as offices. The building is transitional in style from the Federal to the Greek Revival and has an addition and a projecting pediment and brackets that were added in the later nineteenth century. The front doorway was added in the late 1970s.

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